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Here at AE Engineering, we can provide a complete range of access hire services to suit your needs. We have one of the largest fleets of accessibility equipment in the UK. Whether you need a quick and easy way of accessing a rooftop project, or you need a stable support for working at height, our equipment is essential.

Over the years, we’ve been able to help all manner of projects progress as they need to. Our industry-leading access equipment has been used in construction, renovation and refurbishment projects of all kinds. Thanks to our working-at-height equipment, you’ll be able to carry out essential maintenance and other works to all kinds of systems or surfaces.

A Full Range of Access Hire Equipment in the North-West

Whether you need a quick access solution, or the ability to work at height, our machinery is essential. We’re able to provide both scissor lifts and cherry pickers to suit your needs. Depending on your project’s needs, we can offer these access options on a short-term or long-term basis. We are committed to delivering an access solution which will deliver the best possible service to suit your needs.

Just some of the essential access equipment that we can provide to our clients include:

  • Articulated Booms.
  • Self-Propelled Low-Level Access Platforms.
  • Push-Around Low-Level Access Platforms.
  • A Complete Range of Access Hire Accessories.

In addition to industry-leading equipment, we’re also able to provide long-term personnel hire to suit your needs. Our personnel have years of experience when it comes to the safe operation of our access hire equipment. If you’re looking to ensure that you are able to take complete advantage of this industry-leading equipment, get in touch with our team today.





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Articulated Booms

Here at AE Engineering, we can provide industry-leading articulated booms. The Nifty Height Rider 12 is one of the more reliable and versatile articulated booms in its class. These Height Rider 12 articulated booms can offer industry-leading performance. In addition, these articulated booms are some of the lightest, most compact bases possible.

These telescopic upper booms provide industry-leading accuracy. They make it easy to position the platform in the most effective and safest position for working at height. Thanks to the superb manoeuvrability of the Night Height Rider 12, this articulated boom is ideal for a wide range of projects and applications.

Nifty HR12 (pdf)


Self-Propelled Low-Level Access Platforms

Self-propelled access platforms are an essential piece of access equipment. These platforms are decided as no-climbing steps, podiums and erecting scaffold towers. The self-propelled low-level access platforms that we can provide are quick and easy to transport across your property. They can be quickly guided into the correct position to suit your needs. Self-propelled low-level access platforms are ideal when your project requires speed, efficiency and safety.

These kinds of access equipment are suitable for almost any kind of working at height projects. They are simple to use and, as such, are ideal for domestic projects. While they are hard-wearing and resistant to damage, they are often unsuitable for large projects. Each kind of self-propelled low-level access platform has its own weight and height restrictions.

To find the right kind of self-propelled access platform to suit your needs, talk to one of our accessibility specialists today.


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Push-Around Low-Level Access Platforms

Push-around, low-level access platforms are harder-wearing than self-propelled designs. They are professional, micro-powered access platforms which are designed for use in a range of environments. These access hire platforms can be used in all kinds of commercial and industrial spaces.

Push-around, low-level access platforms are designed for use in a range of projects and tasks. Some of the tasks that these access hire platforms can be used for includes:

  • General Maintenance at Heights.
  • Cleaning and Painting at Height.
  • Fitting and Strip-Out Work.

In the past, this equipment has been used as part of construction and renovation projects, in addition to factory and retail property maintenance.


A Complete Range of Access Hire Accessories

In addition to providing a diverse range of access hire equipment, we can also deliver essential access accessories. Just some of the access hire accessories that we can provide include:

  • Hard-Wearing Jibs.
  • Pneumatic and Scaffold Heists.
  • Pipe Grabs.
  • Girder Trolleys.
  • Electric Hoists.
  • Pull Lifts.
  • Chain Slings.
  • Man-Riding Baskets.
  • Test Weights.
  • Warning Lights.
  • Slew Restrictors.


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AE Engineering’s Access Hire Equipment
in the North-West

Here at AE Engineering, we can provide a full range of access hire equipment for projects of all kinds. Not only can we deliver industry-leading access equipment to commercial clients, we can also deliver equipment which is ideal for domestic working at height.

Whether you’re looking for short-term or long-term access hire, or even personnel hire to facilitate working at height, get in touch today. You can reach the experienced team at AE Engineering today by calling us directly on 01253 422 044. If you prefer, you can also send any questions you might have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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