Crane Hire Options

All lifts are carried out under the Crane Plant Hire Association (CPA) Contract Lifting Terms & Conditions. There are two options:

CPA Contract Lifting

Contract lifting is normally the safest way to conduct a lifting operation using the extensive experience of AE Engineering to plan and organise the operation, including providing all the personnel to perform the lift and producing the Risk Assessment and Method Statement to comply with Health and Safety requirements and BS7121. The service includes the specification of the crane and lifting equipment, a berthing study to locate the crane and supervision of all aspects of the lift.

Public and Employer Liability insurance is provided up to a limit of £10M in each case.

We also provide a contract lifting service where we offer a total solution, including the provision of equipment, operators and traffic management.

CPA Crane Hire

For those customers who have the necessary qualifications and experience, AE Engineering hire mobile cranes up to 200 tonne capacity along with experienced operators. Under the CPA conditions, the customer is responsible for providing a Risk Assessment and Method Statement and for the crane and operator whilst it is on the customer’s site. The customer is also responsible for insuring the crane, its personnel and the public during the lifting operation. Slingers are available for hire at daily rates. All personnel are CPCS qualified.

Under Crane Hire conditions the driver will ask to see the Risk Assessment, Method Statement and Berthing Study before commencing the job. These are required by The Health and Safety at Work Act, under the Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998. If you are unable to produce these documents the lift will have to be abandoned and you will be charged for the crane. If you do not have a ‘Competent Person’ able to produce these documents and to supervise the operation you should ask us to do a Contract Lift, where we take responsibility for the lift.

See Safety Guidance for further information.

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