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Crane Hire Preston

Here at AE Engineering, our experienced team can provide crane hire in Preston. We can provide a comprehensive range of lifting equipment to all kinds of properties. Whether you’re working on a construction, conversion or demolition project, crane hire can be essential. All the cranes and alternative lifting equipment that we can deliver are maintained on a regular basis. They are all kept in a pristine condition to deliver long-term and reliable service throughout the project’s lifetime.

We can deliver all kinds of cranes, including 3-tonne models for smaller, domestic projects. For large-scale construction projects, we can deliver cranes with capacities of up to 200 tonnes. Over the years, we have worked to deliver a complete range of industry-leading cranes. Our team have worked alongside all kinds of projects to ensure that they are completed on-time and on-budget.

Short-Term and Long-Term
Crane Hire in Preston

Here at AE Engineering, our experienced team can deliver all manner of crane and lifting equipment hire. We can help to work around the limitations of your property. Our engineers and lifting operators can offer advice on your lifting projects. This can help you to avoid any potential problems and ensure that your project progresses as it should.

All our cranes and lifting equipment is available for both short-term and long-term hire. They can be used in a range of domestic, commercial and industrial projects. Whether you’re completing a new-build construction project, conducting repairs or you just need to transfer materials or waste to/from great heights, our team are here for you.





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Over 40 Years

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mini crawler cranes in Preston

Mini Crawler Cranes

Mini crawler cranes have been used in all kinds of projects across the North-West. They are relatively small pieces of equipment which will, nevertheless, deliver reliable and power service.

These models can be operated by diesel generators of by electricity. When powered by electricity, they are suitable for internal use. They will not only be silent-running but will not emit any potentially harmful fumes which could impact the operators’ health.

Mini crawler cranes are perfect for industrial, commercial and domestic use. They can be radio-controlled or operated by hand depending on your project’s needs. These crawler cranes come equipped with a complete range of design features which make them ideal for all kinds of projects. These can include:

  • Lifting Capacities of Up To 10 Tonnes.
  • Operating Boom Lengths of Up To 21 Metres.
  • Radio Controlled.
  • Safe for Internal Use.
  • Silent Running.


Large Mobile Cranes

Large mobile cranes are some of the most common designs used in Preston. These hard-wearing and versatile solutions are designed to deliver long-term service in all kinds of environments. Although they will require a large space to be set up, they will be able to lift extremely heavy weights to great heights.

These cranes can easily be manoeuvred into the perfect position thanks to their mobile nature. They can offer a wide angle of lifting and manoeuvrability, allowing you to deliver the materials or equipment from the right position.

Although each large mobile crane model is different, the AE Engineering team can provide a wide range. Some of our lifting equipment can, for example, lift weights of up to 200 tonnes. This means they are ideal for the transportation of any kind of materials.

These models can also come with a range of functional boom lengths. That means you’ll be able to deliver these weights to great heights. In the past, these pieces of lifting equipment have been used in commercial, domestic and industrial projects across Preston.

If you’re looking for hard-wearing and reliable large mobile cranes in Preston, get in touch with the AE Engineering team today.


Large Mobile Cranes For Hire In Preston
Mobile Tower Cranes For Hire In Preston

Mobile Tower Cranes

Here at AE Engineering, we can provide a comprehensive range of crane hire in Preston. Some of our most popular pieces of lifting equipment are mobile tower cranes. These solutions are perfect for use in urban environments and inner-cities. Not only can they be set up in a very short amount of time, they only require a very limited space.

Mobile tower cranes can offer an extremely reliable service for all kinds of projects. They can transfer all kinds of weights and materials to great heights in difficult conditions. For example, areas where space is limited. Thanks to their unique design, these pieces of lifting equipment have a wide lifting radius. That means they will be able to deliver materials and all kinds of weights to the necessary area as quickly as possible.

In the past, mobile tower cranes have been used in all kinds of projects in Preston. These have included construction and repair work for blocks of flats and office buildings. Just some of the unique features that these pieces of equipment are equipped with can include:

  • A Lifting Capacity of Up To 6 Tonnes.
  • Telescopic Booms in a Variety of Sizes.
  • Require Only a Small Space To Be Set Up.


Trustworthy Crane Hire in Preston
from AE Engineering

Here at AE Engineering, we can deliver comprehensive crane hire to all manner of properties in Preston. These solutions can be used as part of all manner of construction and renovation projects in the North-West. We can deliver industry-leading cranes and lifting equipment of all kinds to suit your needs. All our machines undergo extensive repair and maintenance to ensure they operate as reliably as possible.

For more information on our comprehensive crane hire in Preston services, get in touch with our experienced team today. You can reach our lifting specialists directly by calling us on 01253 422 044. You can also email any questions or concerns you might have to and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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