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If you’re looking for industry-leading professionals to join your on-site team, then AE Engineering is here for you. Over the years, we have been able to provide slinger/ signaller hire to all kinds of worksites, including construction and destruction projects. If your team are largely inexperienced, or even if they haven’t worked with the cranes we hire before, an expert slinger/ signaller can make all the difference in terms of both project speed and on-site safety.

Here at AE Engineering, our professional team can travel anywhere in the North-West to deliver an industry-leading service. Our fully-qualified and reliable personnel have all undertaken high-levels of training with every piece of equipment we can provide. Whether you need them to undertake the project or provide on-site training/supervising to your employees, our slingers/signallers are here for you.

Why is Slinger/ Signaller Hire
Essential for Your Worksite?

The Slinger is the person who oversees the operation of a crane’s loading and unloading. It is up to the slinger to ensure that the crane (or other heavy equipment) is moved about the site safely. It is also important that the right kind of equipment is used to load and unload goods from cranes and other machines. In practical terms, slinger hire is extremely important for all kinds of worksites on which heavy equipment is used.

The Slinger/ Signaller is also required to communicate with the crane operator throughout the moving process. Without the ability to effectively communicate through clear and distinct signals, there is a wide range of potential issues which can develop throughout the on-site moving process. In this capacity, the professional signaller must also work as the eyes of the crane operator. It is up to them to continually evaluate the changing environment of the worksite and ensure that the crane operator is kept updated.

Without a professional signaller on-site, your entire process could not only be much slower, but also much more dangerous. For example, if the slinger doesn’t make certain that the load is securely attached to the crane, then there is the risk of it falling during movement – that can not only lead to damage to the property itself, but can put your employees at risk too.

Why Should You Choose Slingers/ Signallers
from AE Engineering?

Here at AE Engineering, we have been providing professional hiring services for many years. Our team have worked on-site across the North West of England. Whether you’re looking for specialist personnel hire or a comprehensive service including crane hire, our team are the perfect choice.

In addition to slinger/ signaller hire, AE Engineering also provide a comprehensive team to handle all your on-site lifting needs. In addition, we can provide professional lift supervisors as well as appointed persons to offer a truly secure and industry-leading service throughout your project.

Whether you’re working on a construction or destruction project, or even if you’re just conducting maintenance and repair on an existing building, then our professional team will be able to offer a wide range of benefits to your site.

Choose AE Engineering for Professional
Slinger/ Signaller Hire Today!

Our team can provide a comprehensive service to worksites across the North West of England. Whether you’re working on a sky-rise office building in Manchester, repairing properties in Liverpool or destroying old properties on the outskirts of Preston, our team are here for you.

Thanks to our industry-leading practices, extensively-trained professionals and dedication to our work, you will be able to enjoy a wide range of advantages, including reduced project time and increased on-site safety. From our comprehensive services to slinger/ signaller hire, we are dedicated to equipping our clients with the equipment and professional team they need to make their projects a success.

Here at AE Engineering, we pride ourselves on our ability to grow professional relationships with each of our clients. An important part of our professional equipment and personnel hiring services is that we take the time to fully understand your project. That means we can help you to improve the speed and finished quality of your project without compromising your employees’ safety. Our professionals can also deliver advice on a wide range of projects, including construction, destruction and on-site clearance.

Whether you’re looking for comprehensive personnel hire, crane and other equipment hire or professional slinger/ signaller hire, AE Engineering is here for you. Our specialists can work with your equipment or operate equipment you’ve hired directly from us. If required, they will also be able to provide on-site training during their hiring period to ensure you make the most out of our equipment.

For professional equipment and personnel hiring services, get in touch with our team today. You can call us directly on 0800 987 5434. If you prefer, you can email directly at and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.





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