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Transport Hire

AE Engineering has access to some of the UK’s leading transportation vehicles. We can transport all kinds of equipment, including plant and manufacturing equipment. Our team have many years of experience when it comes to transporting heavy industrial equipment across great distances. We are able to work in conjunction with the police and other authorities to make the transportation procedure as smooth and simple as possible.

Our experienced team are fully equipped to transport any equipment or machinery up to 44 T Metre capacities. Thanks to our services, you’ll be able to transport equipment between construction sites and industrial spaces. We have many years’ experience when it comes time to transferring and delivering even the heaviest plant machinery/industrial equipment.

Transport Hire Across the North-West

Thanks to our industry-leading transport hire, you’ll be able to transfer equipment between various industrial facilities and construction sites. We have access to industry-leading vehicles and transportation machinery.

Not only are our services absolutely essential for the safe transport of equipment and heavy machinery, we can also provide HIAB vehicle hire. Thanks to our equipment, we can transport all kinds of plant and equipment across the North-West and the UK.
As part of our transport hire, we can deliver a complete range of transportation services to suit our customers’ needs. We’re able to deliver a full variety of transportation equipment and plant/machinery transport hire services, including:

  • Low Loaders.
  • Step Frames.
  • Special and Abnormal Haulage Services.
  • Full Planning and Routing of Transport Hire.





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low loader transport hire

Low Loader Transport Hire

AE Engineering is able to provide a complete range of industry-leading low loaders for our customers. Thanks to our low-loaders hire, we’re able to remove loads up to 5 metres in width and 4.5 metres in height. Low loader trailers can be used to move large construction equipment, power equipment, railway components and infrastructure.

Low loaders transport hire can be extended to in excess of 22 metres in length. Thanks to the flexibility and adaptability of these low loaders, we’re able to transport all kinds of machinery as safely as possible.

Here at AE Engineering, we’re able to deliver a full range of low loader transport hire. These low loaders are flexible solutions which can be used to transport all kinds of equipment. Large equipment and machinery can easily be secured to these low loaders. This will eliminate the risk of damage occurring to the equipment during the transportation process.

Thanks to our industry-leading low loaders, we’re able to transport a wide range of large equipment, including plant machinery and solid structures.


Step Frames Transport Hire

Step Frames are essential pieces of transport equipment which can be used to transfer large vehicles of all kinds. Large cherry pickers, construction equipment and industrial vehicles can all be easily transported via step frames. This transportation equipment has been specifically designed for large vehicles to sit comfortably on the Step Frame.

All kinds of vehicles can be secured onto the step frame to prevent it from moving during transportation. Much of this equipment cannot be transported on the road, due to a lack of control, speed or simply size concerns. As such, step frames are essential when it comes to transporting vehicles of all sizes and capabilities.

Here at AE Engineering, we’re able to deliver two different kinds of step frames for transport hire services. Our machinery and equipment transport team can provide both single-step and double-step frames. These step frames are designed to transport all kinds of large machinery. Single step frames can normally be extended up to 19 metres in length. Double-step frames can be extended to more than 22 metres in length.


step frames transport hire
transport hire planning

Full Planning and Routing of Transport Hire

As part of our comprehensive transport hire services, we can deliver a complete range of full planning and routing services. Our experienced team are able to communicate effectively with a full range of authorities, including:

  • The Police.
  • Bridge Masters.
  • Highway Agencies.

Our experienced team can plan out your entire transport hire process. We are able to identify potential issues during the transportation procedure and find ways to work around them. We will recommend the best possible times to conduct these transportation processes so that your equipment arrives at the right time.

As part of our comprehensive services, we are also able to deliver machine removal, dismantling and assembly at the point of delivery. Thanks to our full planning and routing services, you’ll be able to ensure that your machinery and equipment are delivered as quickly and safely as possible.


Comprehensive Transport Hire for Businesses
and Industries in the North-West

Here at AE Engineering, we’re able to deliver a full range of transport hire services. In addition to comprehensive transport hire, we can provide a complete range of HIAB vehicle hire. If you have experienced personnel who can handle these large-scale vehicles, we are more than happy to hire out specialist transport vehicles to suit your needs. In addition to HIAB vehicles, we can also hire out step-frame and low-loader vehicles of all kinds.

Our experienced team can also conduct full planning and routing services to suit your needs. If you’re looking for a truly reliable service from an experienced team in the North-West, get in touch today. You can reach our transport specialists by calling 01253 422 044 today. Alternatively, you can email any questions or concerns to Our experienced team will get back to you as soon as possible.

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